All of the following loglines are for scripts that have first drafts complete and are currently being rewritten after feedback.
Please get in touch using my contact details for further information.
The Long Summer
A retiring police captain tries to stop a city tearing itself apart in the days after a young black man is unlawfully killed by white officers. As a lieutenant is kidnapped by rioters and peaceful protesters try to incite change, one reporter battles his bosses and the police force to get the truth out there.
Genre: Drama   /   Location: Los Angeles   /   Date: Present day

The Outer City
A burnt-out cop in the distant future lands a seemingly unsolvable murder, before uncovering a conspiracy that reaches to the very top of a broken society. His investigation leads him into the lawless wilderness outside the city where he discovers a secret that will see him end a century of corruption or die trying.
Genre: Sci-fi   /   Location: London   /   Date: Distant future

One Last Job
A hit-man overseeing a drug exchange in New York unwittingly kills a gangster’s son, resulting in a dead-or-alive contract being put on him. As he battle his way down the East Coast to reach the man seeking vengeance he encounters enemies old and new, all while trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter before it’s too late.
Genre: Action   /   Location: NYC, DC & Florida   /   Date: 1990's
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